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a.c.ramírez de arellaño


Celebrated speaker and multimedia artist a.c.ramírez de arellaño (Taíno) utilizes public spaces to create dialogue that educates, inspires, and builds bridges between communities. The artist seeks to draw attention to the capacity for individuals and communities to heal, grow, and thrive through our interconnectedness. They utilize art as a form of story telling, taking inspiration from ancestral stories. Their work tells a story of overcoming barriers, and the impact of colonialism at the intersection of their disabled, Indigenous, and queer communities. As a trained Indigenous Community Health Worker, with over 30 years experience working with preschoolers to elders in supportive housing, a.c. has spoken at large conferences for the State of Oregon, facilitated all sizes of groups in the United States, and most recently spoke on Caribbean Ancestral Indigenous Perspective of Diversity of Gender and Sexuality at a governmental conference in Santo Domingo, República Dominicana using Hiwatahia, an Arawakan Indigenous dialect. They have most recently presented to Future Generations Collaborative 2 Spirit Circle, Native Wellness Institute Power Hour, Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board Paths (Re)Membered Project, Native Arts and Culture Foundation Center for Native Arts & Cultures grand opening, Portland Public Schools, and Friendly House for Home Forward. A recipient of the inaugural 2021 artist-in-residency program with Ten Tiny Talks, a Regional Arts & Culture Council Grant recipient, and a GLAPN Queer Heroes Award, their work has also been added to Permanent Collection of Public Art for the City of Portland, in Oregon. They are also a two time recipient of the Trans Justice Funding Project 2021-2022.

For a Press Kit please use the contact page. Speaking, consulting, and project development fees start at $175/hr.